We believe that the benefits of the program to be very valuable in regaining health as well as a healthy lifestyle. Because we believe that the benefits are so great, we don’t want cost to stand in the way of your health. We offer a top quality program and even if you have limited finances, we would like to work it out as to make this accessible for you and your family. We operate in a rented campus and other expenses for our institution needs to be met. The charges are cut into room rent-Rs.300, Fresh high quality cold pressed juices-Rs. 600, Herbal teas-Rs.200, Service charge-Rs.200 etc. per day. Special Hydro-therapies, steam bath, herbal poultices, fresh herbal juices and other alternative modalities will be provided for Early Cancer Battle Program and Incurable program depending on the patients condition. We charge separately charge for special natural supplements for certain conditions. 

Program Single Health Guest Guest w/Support Person Two Health Guests
28-Days Early Cancer Battle Program - Rs. 73, 000/- -
28-Days Incurable Program - Rs. 73, 000/- -
21-Days Retreat Program Rs. 35,700/- Rs. 37,800/- Rs. 86,800/-
 14-Days Retreat Program  Rs. 23,800/- Rs. 25,200/- Rs. 43,400/-
 10-Days Retreat Program  Rs. 17,000/-  Rs. 18,000/-  Rs. 31,000/-
 5-Days Retreat Program  Rs. 8500/- Rs. 9000/-   Rs. 15,500/-

28-Days Incurable Program

Chronic Kidney Disease, Asthma, Severe Chronic Diabetes, Chronic Hyper-tension, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Migraine, Coronary artery disease, Epilepsy, Crohn's disease, Liver Cirrhosis etc.

21-Days Retreat Program

Any chronic lifestyle diseases but not in advance condition stage will fit into this program. Hypo and Hyper-thyrodism, Diabetes, Women disorders and infertility, Hypertension, IBS, etc.

14-Days Retreat Program

Any chronic lifestyle diseases in early condition stage will fit into this program. Alcohol De-addiction, women disorders,  skin problems, early diabetes, early hypertension, men infertility can choose this program. 

10-Days Retreat Program

Good detox and rejuvenation and those who can not get much time to undergo full above programs can choose and do a follow up at home.

 5-Days Retreat Program

Quit-smoking, Quick-detox, Simple break from this busy modern world and give a good rest to the over taxed body can choose this.